Liverpool Sent Warning Over 2% Increase in Ticket Price as Supporters Make Feelings Clear

Liverpool have revealed a 2% rise in ticket prices for the 2022/23 season, sparking divided opinions among supporters.

Next season, Liverpool plan to increase their ticket prices, citing escalating operating costs. However, feedback from fans across social media platforms suggests they still view it as a good deal. Season tickets and matchday ticket prices for members will see a modest 2% rise.

Comparatively, Liverpool’s ticket prices have risen by 4% over two years, which stands favorably against increases at other clubs. For instance, Arsenal and Manchester United have experienced spikes of 12% and 10% respectively over the same period.

Tottenham Hotspur recently implemented up to a 6% increase in season ticket prices, while Brighton & Hove Albion saw an 8% hike. Moreover, there are expectations that Chelsea will follow suit and raise season ticket prices starting next year.

Spirit of Shankly, the supporters’ union, said in a statement: For a second successive season, Liverpool have chosen to increase ticket prices for supporters. This is despite record commercial revenues and a place as the seventh richest football club in the world. They didn’t have to do this.”

Commenter Kw101 sees both sides of the argument: “In the bigger scheme of things, 2% is a low increase – and tickets have always increased.

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“Putting it against clubs in London who charge £1500 upwards for season tickets, we are still placed in the ‘reasonable’ category on pricing. Its an emotive subject, and having 4 kids, its tough to either a) get tickets or b) afford them all for 1 game.”

“The pricing for kids is good for the FA Cup and League Cup games, but when we go for Ballot and get a prem ticket, its a bit of a chunk of cash after ticket, a few beers, chips, etc… no change from £200.”

“We are a Global club, which most are nowadays, the Premier League is broadcast in 100s of countries – so the club know that whatever they charge, they will sell the tickets. At least they try and not push it too far, but the amount of corporate should subsidise the standard tickets more.”

User Ramon23 replied: “Definitely. It’s really expensive to go to games as a family. As you say not just the tickets alone but the drinks and food etc.

“Newcastle have a really good deal where they were charging kids under £100 for a junior season ticket . Shame it wasn’t more like that because no way should kids not be able to go to the match.”

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RichardFrost also makes the London club comparison point: “Try looking at the prices for a season ticket at Fulham, and think on about the sheer joy of watching a top team like Liverpool for less than £1000 a year, when the cheapest seats at Fulham are around £3,000 – and what have Fulham won in the last 40 years? And both Arsenal and Spurs are around the £2,000 mark. Come on, perhaps some of us need to wake up and smell the coffee?”

Lacatus writes: “2% increase after the way everything has gone up over the last few years is pretty fair in my eyes. £19 extra a year I think it works out at, less than £1 a game for season ticket holders. Come on that’s a pack and a half of cigarettes.”

Jmckenna says: “Not bad considering we are watching the most entertaining team in the Premier League.” Kensington62 agrees: “In these times 2% is fair. Plus, not like we’re paying to watch dross, no teams mentioned.”

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