Liverpool Eye Midfield Star Compared to Alexis Mac Allister

In another season, you’d want us to cover this thoroughly. Liverpool are seeking new talent for the upcoming season, and João Neves has reportedly become a priority target.

Newsnow Liverpool will explore the details of this potential transfer, including what’s been reported, key statistics, a comparison with a current Liverpool player, and the likelihood and potential cost of the move.

Liverpool have identified João Neves as a top priority for the new season, according to the Portuguese outlet Correio de Manha, “Liverpool are ready to submit a proposal in the coming days to convince Benfica to part with their talented midfielder.” 

The report emphasises that Liverpool have been closely tracking Neves and are ready to make a substantial bid to acquire him. Nevertheless, Benfica have made it clear that they will only entertain offers matching the 19-year-old’s release clause of €120 million.

Liverpool’s interest in Neves has been bolstered by positive reviews from their player Diogo Jota, who commended Neves for his talent and potential.

Looking at the Key Stats

João Neves, a 19-year-old defensive midfielder, has made quite an impression in a short time. has made quite an impression in a short time, scoring three goals, four assists and played 4,302 minutes in 55 appearances.

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Neves primarily functions as a defensive midfielder but is adaptable enough to cover both central and right midfield roles. His reliability and high work rate have made him a standout player for Benfica this season.

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An interesting comparison can be drawn between João Neves and Liverpool’s Alexis Mac Allister. While both occupy similar positions on the field, their styles and statistics reveal significant differences.

– Neves: 2,075 total passes, 88.5% pass completion rate
– Mac Allister: 1,967 total passes, 85.6% pass completion rate

– Challenges:
– Neves: 63 attempts, 46% success rate
– Mac Allister: 125 attempts, 47.2% success rate

Neves’ passing accuracy surpasses that of Mac Allister, indicating his proficiency in maintaining possession and distributing the ball. Conversely, Mac Allister boasts a higher number of tackles, reflecting his more aggressive defensive style.

This comparison reveals that while Neves excels in distributing the ball, he may not match Mac Allister’s physicality in challenges, which is a notable concern.

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João Neves is expected to command a substantial fee, given his release clause of €120 million. This high valuation underscores his potential and the interest from multiple top clubs. Currently under contract with Benfica, securing his transfer will be challenging.

Liverpool are a serious contender, but financial considerations will play a crucial role. While his weekly wages are not specified, the significant transfer fee suggests that his salary expectations will also be high.

Liverpool’s interest in Neves stems from his talent and potential. However, signing him would be unconventional given the team’s need for a more physically dominant midfielder.

Neves’ skills are undeniable, positioning him as a top talent for the future, but integrating him into Liverpool’s current squad dynamics could be difficult.

City and other top clubs are likely eyeing him, as suggested by comments from Bernardo Silva and Diogo Jota. Despite his great potential, he may not fulfill Liverpool’s immediate needs.

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