Fabrizio Romano Drops Kylian Mbappe and Liverpool Transfer Update

As the deadline approaches for Kylian Mbappe’s contract at PSG, rumours of his potential transfer to Liverpool persist.

The prospect of Mbappe joining Liverpool has long seemed financially unfeasible. However, as the star player nears free agency, speculation has intensified. Recent reports suggest that Mbappe may have reached out to Liverpool last year, but the club declined due to their reluctance to exceed their wage limits.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano reports that this scenario never occurred. In today’s Daily Briefing, the transfer expert stated that sources close to the French international have refuted any interest in moving to Liverpool or Arsenal.

“Reports in the English media suggested that Kylian Mbappe’s entourage offered the player to Liverpool last year but the Reds weren’t prepared to break their wage structure,” says Romano. “A desire to emulate Thierry Henry apparently also saw the Frenchman being offered to Arsenal and they turned him down for the same reasons.

“I have to say guys that I haven’t heard this honestly. There’s no update on Mbappe so far, I’ve really nothing new to share. As I always say: the Mbappe story will only be clear when he decides, and he will firstly inform PSG and their president Al Khelaifi.

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“At that point we will be able to understand what’s next for Kylian. Sources are denying all other stories.”

Mbappe Denies Liverpool Talks

This update from Romano is intriguing, though it warrants a cautious approach.

If indeed Liverpool and Arsenal declined Mbappe, it raises questions about why he would want this information publicized. For a player of his caliber and ego, such rejections could be seen as a blow to his image.

As one of the top players globally, Mbappe ideally shouldn’t face rejection from any club. This could potentially tarnish his brand.

While Liverpool’s reported rejection likely wasn’t due to Mbappe’s skill, the fact remains that being turned down is significant.

Considering his next move, it’s plausible that Mbappe would explore opportunities in the Premier League.

Outside of PSG and Barcelona, the only clubs that could potentially afford his wages are based in England. It makes complete sense that he’d reach out, as he reportedly did.

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Mbappe’s interest in Liverpool has been reported for years now, too. With the opportunity to move to Anfield finally somewhat on the table, it isn’t too hard to believe that conversations were had, as they were before.

That his long-awaited transfer to Madrid has unexpectedly hit the buffers only makes the Liverpool story all the more likely.

We still think Mbappe is heading to the Spanish capital; it has always felt inevitable. But if that doesn’t come to fruition, he’ll surely stay at PSG. Whether Liverpool have ever been a real contender, well, perhaps one day we’ll hear the truth from the horse’s mouth.

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