5 Reasons Why Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is a Better Player Than Neymar Júnior

An X user has created a thread on who is a better player between Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah and Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal forward, Neymar Júnior.

According to the X user, comparing players is subjective and depends on personal preferences and biases.

Here are five reasons Mohamed Salah is a better player than Neymar Jr, as suggested by the X user.

Why Mohamed Salah is a Better Player Than Neymar Jr

Consistent Goal-scoring

Salah has consistently been among the top goal-scorers in various competitions, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess.


Salah’s ability to play in multiple attacking positions adds versatility to his game, making him a valuable asset to his team.

Work Rate

Salah is known for his high work rate, contributing not only in goal-scoring but also in defensive duties, we have seen him assist which shows him contribute in overall team play.

Premier League Success

Salah has achieved significant success in the highly competitive Premier League, winning individual awards and contributing to Liverpool’s triumphs.

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I know most of you will see Neymar’s 5 star skills which look impressive and i really like them but the fact is that Football is a game not a circus… Instead of performing those 5 star skills he can do simple dribbling while moving towards the attack and contribute.

While Neymar is undoubtedly a top-tier player, these points emphasise Salah’s strengths and make a case for him as a remarkable player over Ney.

I respect Neymar a lot and do agree with others that he is one of the bests but Salah’s longevity and consistency has proved him better.

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