Xabi Alonso Clarifies Factors That’ll Determine Future Amid Reports Linking Him to Liverpool

Bayer Leverkusen’s current manager and former Liverpool midfielder, Xabi Alonso, is impressing in his role, catching the attention of notable clubs such as Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Despite swirling reports linking him to potential positions at both Liverpool and Real Madrid in the future, Alonso remains focused on deciding his own career path at the right time.

Speculation surrounds Real Madrid’s coaching vacancy, with suggestions that Carlo Ancelotti might depart after the current season, making Alonso a prominent name in the discussions.

In addition to the La Liga giants, Alonso is also considered a potential successor to Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool, where he left a lasting impact during his five-year stint with 143 appearances.

Addressing reports about a potential return to Anfield, Bayer Leverkusen CEO Fernando Carro dismissed any notion of a contractual clause allowing Alonso to become Liverpool’s next manager.

While there may not be a formal clause, there seems to be an unspoken understanding or “gentleman’s agreement” regarding Alonso’s future endeavours.

When questioned about his future management plans, Alonso expressed that he wasn’t eager to leave Leverkusen and conveyed to The Guardian:  

“It depends on if you want to be pushed to take other people’s decisions or if you want to make your own decisions. And so far, I’ve been clear. I will take my own decisions when I feel it is the right moment for whatever. So that’s going to happen for sure.”

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Guided by Alonso’s guidance, Leverkusen commenced a prosperous journey in the Bundesliga, securing a spot in the semi-finals of the previous year’s Europa League.

When contemplating his time in Germany, Alonso conveyed his confidence in the team’s capabilities right from the beginning. Instead of specific expectations for European qualification, he outlined a broader objective centered on enhancement.

Alonso underscored his managerial responsibility in cultivating dedication and assurance among the players, highlighting the resultant noteworthy enhancements in defense despite facing initial obstacles.

“I had the approach that there was a big potential,” Alonso continued. “I was not given the expectations that we need to reach Europe. The [idea of the] moment was, we need to get better. We didn’t know if that was 10th place, not having problems, reaching Europe. I knew the potential the team had.

“You get to know the players, to start to create some confidence and commitment from them. That’s the manager’s job. In the beginning, the results were not the best but I had the feeling that a big part of the group was committed to changing things, especially in the defensive part.

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“At that moment we had many problems, we were not very solid and we put a lot of focus on that, more than our controlling, possession style.”


Alonso’s managerial prowess is already outstanding, and his trajectory suggests a destined ascent to the highest echelons. It would hardly be a shock if he were to assume managerial roles at Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich in the future, given his youth and capability.

While the prospect of him succeeding Klopp remains plausible, a potential move to Real Madrid next summer, if it materializes, would not preclude the possibility of him eventually taking charge at Anfield. If anything, such a move would likely bolster his credentials as a top-level managerial candidate.

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