Liverpool Fans Make “Corruption” Accusations as Video of “Very Strange” Interaction Between Arteta & Referee Trends

Liverpool expressed strong discontent after referee Chris Kavanagh and VAR official David Coote overlooked a clear handball committed by Martin Odegaard inside the penalty area.

At Anfield, the match between Liverpool and Arsenal concluded with a 1-1 draw. Mo Salah netted the equaliser for Liverpool in the 29th minute, responding to Gabriel’s early goal for Arsenal.

The game, however, was overshadowed by contentious refereeing decisions that predominantly favoured the visiting team.

During the match, Martin Odegaard appeared to handle the ball in a manner reminiscent of basketball while Mo Salah attempted to navigate past him.

Liverpool players promptly appealed for a handball, but their protests were dismissed by referee Chris Kavanagh. Furthermore, VAR official David Coote concurred with Kavanagh’s decision, adding to Liverpool’s grievances.

During his post-match interview, Arsenal man of the match, William Saliba, admitted that the incident was indeed a handball.

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“Klopp was left baffled by the decision and expressed in his post-game interview: ‘How can someone in an office see that and not consider that perhaps the referee should take another look?’”

Fans on social media are now pointing out apparent ‘corruption’ after a video surfaced showing the match official having a strange interaction with Mikel Arteta when he approached for a post-game handshake.

Watch the video below:

This season, Liverpool have suffered from questionable refereeing decisions, resulting in the loss of 9 points due to errors. Key moments include the disputed Luis Diaz goal against Spurs, as well as handball calls against Chelsea and Manchester United.

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  1. Said it before, VAR was brought in to control results, not to make decisions correct, if it had been brought in to correct decisions, there wouldn’t be so many ‘mistakes’


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