Liverpool Draw with Man Utd Highlights Issues with ‘Special’ Player

Luis Diaz, with five goals this season, lags behind only four of his teammates in terms of scoring. However, his performance has posed concerns for Liverpool. This decline is evident, especially when compared to his impressive start at Anfield.

During the match against Manchester United, Diaz was arguably the most dangerous forward for Liverpool. Nevertheless, given the lackluster performance of the team’s attack, this isn’t saying much. A noticeable aspect of Diaz’s gameplay is his tendency to cut inside rather than moving outward, making his moves predictable for defenders.

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When Diaz first joined Liverpool from Porto in January 2022, he showcased a formidable presence, scoring six goals and providing five assists in his initial 26 games. This made him a dynamic and challenging player to defend against. However, his subsequent record is less impressive, with only 10 goals and three assists in the following 41 matches.

While it’s acknowledged that matching the standards set by his predecessor, Sadio Mane, was always going to be challenging, Diaz’s recent performances fall below expectations. Jurgen Klopp’s attack-oriented team, with aspirations for major trophies, requires players to consistently deliver at their best.

Despite his recent struggles, Diaz retains the potential to influence matches positively. However, his current form lacks the threat and unpredictability he once brought to the team. Additionally, a severe knee injury that sidelined him for 31 matches last season has undoubtedly impacted his performance.

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In recent times, Diaz sustained an injury just as he was emerging as a standout player for the Merseyside club. His performance at the start of the 2022-23 season was commendable.

However, since his recovery, he hasn’t showcased the same level of brilliance. It’s worth noting that he faced the distressing situation of his father being kidnapped during this season.

In his last 14 Premier League matches, Diaz has only managed to score once and hasn’t provided any assists. Given the high regard in which Klopp holds him, such statistics are concerning.

Back in May, Klopp expressed his admiration for the 26-year-old winger, stating, “I love him, absolutely love him. It’s unbelievable. He’s so football smart, moving in the right areas, naturally defending from his position, goal threat, speed, cheeky. Very, very special player.”

However, Liverpool’s current view differs from Klopp’s sentiment. To address this, a potential reshuffling of the front line might be necessary, especially with Mohamed Salah set to represent Egypt in AFCON for a month.

Diaz could find an advantage by pairing with Cody Gakpo as the No 9. This would allow him to drop back and challenge defenders, similar to how Roberto Firmino supported Mane and Salah. In this setup, Diogo Jota might take on a position on the right side.

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When Salah participates in AFCON, there’s potential to experiment with Diaz as a central forward for a few matches. This is especially feasible as Gakpo, Jota, and Nunez are all capable of playing on the left flank. Although Diaz excels at finishing when in one-on-one situations, he doesn’t always position himself there.

When Diaz first joined the club, there was an internal belief that he could perform effectively in a central role. Drawing parallels, Diaz might benefit from a positional shift, reminiscent of Mane’s move inside in the 2021-22 season, which revitalized his performance.

While Diaz still possesses the skillset to trouble defenses, his recent performance slump was evident in the match against United. For Liverpool to thrive, their forwards need to regain form. A return to the form Diaz showcased when he initially joined Anfield would greatly benefit Klopp’s side.

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