Jurgen Klopp Reveals What Would Have Happened Next Season If He Decides to Stay at Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has shed light on his decision to resign from his position this upcoming summer, prompted by growing speculation regarding the timing of his departure.

Following the revelation of his impending exit, Liverpool experienced a commendable performance, notably clinching victory in the Carabao Cup final. However, the subsequent six weeks have witnessed a downturn in Liverpool’s once hopeful season.

During this period, the team suffered eliminations from both the FA Cup and the Europa League, resulting in a diminished outlook for their Premier League campaign.

As a consequence, they are now set to secure only a third-place finish, having relinquished their title aspirations.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the German admitted: “The football hasn’t been great the last few weeks, and as a result you start hearing people say that I look really tired. I’m just old.”

Declining Energy

Klopp’s announcement of departure earlier this year rocked the football world. He cited waning energy levels and the daunting prospect of another demanding season at Anfield as primary reasons for his decision.

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Recognising the toll football management exacts, Klopp stressed the necessity of unwavering commitment and energy for the role.

He said: “Yes, there are more important things in life, but if you really care then it’s 24/7.

“I did it for a pretty long time and I knew I couldn’t continue to do it at the standard necessary for a club like Liverpool.”

Next Year Would Have Been a Struggle for Liverpool

Although not explicitly faulting himself for the team’s recent decline in performance, the 56-year-old expressed a strong belief that if he had continued as the leader, the club would have faced significant challenges in the upcoming year.

“I was sure that if I didn’t make that decision now, next year it could have been tricky,” Klopp said.

“For that, you really need to be full of energy. 80 per cent is not enough. That’s the truth. It’s too much. It’s a 24/7 job.”

Klopp Will Watch Games at Anfield

As Klopp readies himself to depart Liverpool following nearly nine years of extraordinary service, the club appears poised to name Feyenoord manager Arne Slot as his replacement.

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Even as he prepares to leave, Klopp has voiced his intention to maintain ties with the beloved club, suggesting future visits to Anfield as a spectator.

“It will be super tough not to be part of it anymore in the way I’m part of it now – because I will stay part of it, I will,” Klopp said.

“I will come and watch games, and if whoever is the next manager doesn’t like having me in the stands, this time, I couldn’t be bothered.”

Klopp’s exit signals the close of a significant chapter for Liverpool. Yet, his enduring legacy and unwavering devotion to the club will undoubtedly persist as he ventures into the next phase of his esteemed career.

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