Tyler Morton Says Liverpool Have an “Unbelievable Player” With Limited Appearances This Season

Liverpool boast of several world-class players in their current squad. Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold stand out as genuine stars in the sport.

However, amid these talents, one player in the Liverpool squad possesses exceptional technical prowess, despite limited appearances this season.

Thiago Alcantara arguably surpasses his teammates in terms of ball control and skill. The Spaniard’s abilities on the field are remarkable, as noted by Tyler Morton’s praise for him on the Football Daily YouTube channel.

The Liverpool loanee spoke highly of the Spaniard: “Yeah they speak to you a lot on the daily, I learnt a lot but I can’t pick one piece of advice really. When I was coming into the first-team I tried to base my game on Thiago, but obviously it’s not easy basing your game on such an unbelievable player,” Morton said.

Liverpool’s Best Player Technically

It’s unfortunate that Thiago has struggled with injuries consistently because, when he’s at his best, he stands out as Liverpool’s top player.

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Among the Reds squad, and even across the Premier League, Thiago’s finesse, touch, and skill are unmatched.

However, his recurring injuries prevent him from maintaining fitness, rendering his exceptional abilities ineffective.

In football, they often say that the best ability is availability, and Thiago’s career exemplifies this truth.

Although he possesses incredible talent, Thiago’s inability to stay consistently fit has hindered his impact at Liverpool and deprived fans of witnessing his brilliance on a regular basis.

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