Jamie Carragher Sends Xabi Alonso Warning and Reveals Why He Might Not Be Liverpool’s Next Manager

Liverpool’s quest for a new manager seems to be at a standstill with no clear resolution in sight.

Xabi Alonso has consistently been touted as the frontrunner since Jurgen Klopp announced his departure last month. However, there have been no indications publicly or otherwise indicating that an appointment is imminent.

Nonetheless, Alonso stands out as the superior choice among the available options. This sentiment has been echoed by Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who highlighted Alonso’s managerial prowess while analyzing his tenure at Bayer Leverkusen.

Carragher reiterated his endorsement of Alonso as the ‘obvious’ candidate during an appearance on the Stick To Football podcast.

Despite Carragher’s support, the 46-year-old warned Liverpool about the possibility of Alonso rejecting the offer for one particular reason.

“It’s just the obvious one,” Carragher explained. “The only reason I don’t think it could be Alonso is if he doesn’t want to come or if he thinks I need another year at Leverkusen.”

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Carragher Sounds Alonso Warning

Indeed, Liverpool’s pursuit of Alonso seems to have encountered a level of complexity.

Bayer Leverkusen have been openly confident about retaining the 42-year-old for the upcoming season, indicating they believe Alonso will stay put.

For most managers, such assertions might be dismissed as wishful thinking. However, Alonso’s history with Liverpool, his strong ties to the club, and his ambition to progress suggest otherwise.

Alonso’s managerial style distinguishes him from others. He has approached his career with careful consideration, evident in his decision to reject the Borussia Monchengladbach job in 2021, citing a lack of readiness.

Xabi had been honing his skills at Real Sociedad B, and the timing seemed opportune for a change, yet he chose to wait for what he deemed the perfect moment.

Since his arrival in October 2022, Alonso’s tenure at Leverkusen has been exceptionally successful. Given his deliberate nature, it may be challenging for him to depart from a project he committed to relatively recently.

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It’s worth noting that Alonso signed a contract until 2026 just last summer, indicating his commitment to Leverkusen’s long-term vision.

Nevertheless, the allure of the Liverpool job may prove irresistible. If he does decide to take it, the loss would undoubtedly be felt by Liverpool fans, especially following Klopp’s departure. However, there are alternative candidates available.

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