Jurgen Klopp Successor: 53-old-old Manager “Who Has Achieved a Lot” Tipped for Liverpool Job

Liverpool’s method of selecting a new manager may lead them down an unexpected path.

With Jurgen Klopp set to be replaced this summer, reports suggest that FSG will employ a data-driven approach in making their decision.

Despite the specifics of this approach remaining unclear, former midfielder Xabi Alonso has emerged as an early frontrunner. Additionally, Sporting boss Ruben Amorim is said to be catching Liverpool’s attention.

However, ESPN pundit and commentator Ian Darke suggests that this process could ultimately point towards Diego Simeone as the ideal candidate for the position.

“I wasn’t suggesting for a minute that Diego Simeone should be the next manager of Liverpool, not at all,” Darke begins. “But they keep telling us it’s a data driven process measured against resources. They worked out when they hired Klopp, I think it was 12 or 14 of his 16 seasons he’s overachieved as a manager.

“If you look at Simeone, Atletico Madrid with Real Madrid and Barcelona to play, he’s got them to two Champions League finals, he’s won the title a couple of times, he’s won the Europa League, he’s operated at the top level for a decade. So, though you might not like his style and the perception is of an ugly dark arts team, he is a manager who’s achieved a lot.”

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Simeone Tipped for Liverpool

This suggestion from Darke is quite intriguing. Simeone’s achievements at Atletico make a compelling case for his inclusion in discussions for top managerial positions.

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However, Simeone’s tactical style may not align naturally with Liverpool’s ethos. While Klopp favours an attractive and fluid brand of football, Simeone leans towards a more cautious and defensively solid approach.

Known for his combative playing style, Simeone’s teams are adept at mastering the defensive aspects of the game, sometimes resorting to what some may consider the darker aspects of football tactics.

Despite not always being aesthetically pleasing, Simeone’s tactics have proven to be highly effective. Liverpool have experienced the difficulty of facing his teams before, as Atletico can be formidable opponents when they are performing at their best.

As highlighted by Darke, the Argentine coach is accustomed to facing teams with superior resources and emerging victorious. This aspect of his coaching style could certainly appeal to Liverpool.

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Additionally, despite his confrontational demeanor, Simeone possesses remarkable charisma as a manager. If he managed to win over the fans at Liverpool, they would undoubtedly support him wholeheartedly.

However, the likelihood of Simeone joining Liverpool appears slim. He appears content in Madrid, and despite speculation about new challenges, such moves have failed to materialize in the past.

Nevertheless, if Alonso cannot be recruited from Leverkusen, Liverpool may need to explore other options.

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