Jurgen Klopp Replacement Latest: One Man in “Right Place” and Bayer Leverkusen “Preparing” for Xabi Alonso Exit

Bayer Leverkusen harbour concerns over Xabi Alonso’s potential departure amid ongoing speculation about Liverpool’s next manager. Despite the allure of one of football’s most attractive managerial roles, Alonso is currently focused on the title race, maintaining that there has been no contact with Liverpool at this point.

While the focus remains on Alonso, it’s important to acknowledge his commitment to Bayer Leverkusen and their pursuit of dethroning Bayern Munich. Jürgen Klopp’s resignation, occurring 1,000 kilometers away, has shifted the spotlight, diverting questions away from Alonso’s remarkable efforts.

The current situation prompts sympathy for Alonso, who continues to navigate the noise surrounding Liverpool’s managerial vacancy. As the Bayer Leverkusen boss faces inquiries about the Liverpool role, his primary focus lies on an upcoming pivotal match against Bayern. A positive result in this encounter would bring tangible prospects of a title and the potential for an unbeaten season.

Despite the ongoing reports, no direct contact between Liverpool and Alonso has been confirmed. The managerial role to be left vacant by Klopp, a prominent figure, naturally seizes headlines, but Alonso remains steadfast in his concentration on Bayer Leverkusen’s immediate challenges.

As Alonso contends with the background noise, Liverpool’s radar is not solely fixated on him. Other candidates remain in consideration, with the possibility that one might be in the ‘right place at the right time.’

Despite Alonso’s day-by-day approach, his club are already preparing for a potential departure. Here’s the Newsnow Liverpool verdict on today’s transfer gossip around Anfield.

Bayer Leverkusen ‘Preparing’ for Xabi Alonso Exit

Bayer Leverkusen undoubtedly wish to retain Alonso for an extended period, especially considering his impactful role in propelling the team from the relegation zone to the Europa League spots in his inaugural full season.

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However, there is a pragmatic approach at the Bundesliga side. As reported by Caught Offside, Bayer Leverkusen are actively preparing for the potential exit of Alonso and are already identifying potential successors.

Hansi Flick is highly regarded. But Xavi’s departure from Barcelona has seen him become the Nou Camp’s leading candidate.

Interestingly, reports suggest that in Germany, there is widespread skepticism about Klopp truly retiring from management. The prevailing hope is that he might transition into leading the national team, with the England job surprisingly mentioned as another potential destination.

Roberto De Zerbi Could Be in ‘Right Place’ to Land Liverpool Job

If Alonso emerges as the frontrunner, then Roberto De Zerbi is certainly among the contenders. Despite a recent defeat against Luton, which might have swayed some of his supporters, Liverpool are adopting a more forward-looking perspective.

De Zerbi has displayed notable prowess at Brighton, surpassing Graham Potter’s achievements since his arrival last season. Although his inaugural full campaign has witnessed fluctuations, this is within the realm of expectations. Sam Allardyce posits that De Zerbi might be poised to assume the managerial reins at Anfield.

Speaking on the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast, Allardyce suggested Alonso was not the answer. He believes that De Zerbi could potentially thrive with a bit of luck:

“Jürgen Klopp, I think whoever takes the job, Xabi Alonso has been strongly linked with it, but I don’t think he’s the answer,” Allardyce said. “De Zerbi, you know your career can change, if you’re in the right place at the right time you can get a job, and De Zerbi is probably in the right place because his previous jobs he’s been sacked from, he’s not come with a huge reputation, but he’s building this huge reputation.”

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Newsnow Liverpool View

Bayer Leverkusen find themselves in a position where contingency plans must be set in motion. However, there’s a reasonable probability that retaining Alonso may be more achievable than widely perceived.

Alonso has strategically navigated his career path, showcasing discernment in each move, and considering this is only his inaugural complete season, he may harbor a desire for an extended stay. Despite the undeniable allure of the Liverpool managerial role, there exists a non-negligible chance that he prefers to prolong his tenure with the current club.

Should Liverpool position him as the leading candidate, they will expect that the prospect of succeeding Klopp (and collaborating with the outstanding Conor Bradley) proves irresistibly compelling. At present, Alonso appears to be the most promising option for the managerial position.

Sam Allardyce’s perspective appears valid, considering the opportune timing of the vacancy for De Zerbi, a scenario unimaginable just 18 months ago. Yet, the rationale behind dismissing Alonso remains unclear. Despite his youth, Alonso has consistently demonstrated a noteworthy and enduring body of work, indicating he is more than a transient success. Currently, it seems challenging to envision Liverpool designating anyone else as their primary target.

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