How PL Could Be Forced to Fix Tottenham v Liverpool Rematch After VAR Audio Released – Lawyer

Newsnow Liverpool brings you the latest news as lawyer explains how Premier League could be forced to fix Tottenham v Liverpool rematch.

Latest News on VAR Audio Released

Since its introduction to English football in 2019, Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) has been a subject of constant controversy within the football community. However, on a fateful Saturday evening, VAR’s reputation among Premier League fans hit rock bottom as the clash between Tottenham and Liverpool witnessed what could arguably be described as the most egregious error since the introduction of this technology.

The shockwave from this incident reverberated around the globe, igniting a firestorm of discussions on various social media platforms.

The controversy erupted when Luis Diaz‘s opening goal for Liverpool was disallowed for an offside offense. However, replays made it abundantly clear that the Colombian winger had been played onside by the trailing leg of a Tottenham defender.

Adding to Liverpool’s grievances, the weekend saw contentious red cards issued to both Diogo Jota and Curtis Jones. Consequently, Liverpool was forced to endure the remainder of the match with only nine players on the field. To make matters worse, they conceded a stoppage-time own goal by Joel Matip, plunging the dagger even deeper into the hearts of Liverpool fans.

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In response to the uproar, the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) swiftly acknowledged the gravity of the situation. They admitted that a significant human error had occurred and conceded that VAR intervention should have resulted in the goal being awarded.

Unsurprisingly, Liverpool issued a strong statement following the game, vehemently asserting that the weekend’s proceedings were “unacceptable.” They also made it clear that they would explore all available options to seek resolution, given the evident need for escalation.

Will Premier League Fix Tottenham v Liverpool Rematch?

However, a prominent sports lawyer has now shed light on the possibility of a rematch between Liverpool and Tottenham in the wake of these weekend antics. Stephen Taylor Heath, co-head of sports law at JMW Solicitors, has confirmed that Liverpool have legitimate grounds to request a rematch after the release of audio recordings involving the match officials on Tuesday evening. It’s worth noting that, as of now, Liverpool has not officially called for a rematch, leaving this intriguing possibility hanging in the balance.

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Stephen Taylor Heath says Liverpool could force a rematch between them and Tottenham after VAR audio released

When speaking to the Mirror, Taylor Heath described why Liverpool are entitled to enforce a rematch legally, explaining, “Rule L18 outlines that the Premier League board has the power to order a league match to be replayed, provided that recommendation to that effect has been made by a commission under rule W51.

“In addition to this, under rule W1, the Premier League’s board has the power to inquire about any suspected breach of rules, including those made by a match official, while rule N4 ensures that each match official agrees to be bound by the laws of the game as well as any protocols and FA rules.

“There is therefore a possibility that Liverpool could lobby the Premier League board to convene a commission which would have the power, among others, to order the match to be replayed.

“To mount a general legal case outside of the Premier League regulations, a starting point would normally have to be to establish a contractual nexus between the club and the officials that has been breached or a duty of care and negligence causing loss.”

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